Reach Robotics is proud to announce that we are now ISO9001 certified! After a successful year of company-wide growth, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to tighten up our policies & procedures in-house and our external customer-facing services. This ensures we’re doing right by our team and clients – the two most important assets to our business.

Far from a ‘box-ticking exercise, the road to achieving this milestone has hugely multiplied our corporate efficiency and product and service quality. With close to 20 staff, a very full order book, and an upcoming move to an almost 500sqm (5000 sq. ft.) facility, these efficiency and process gains have come at a critical time in our company’s road map.

The ISO9001 accreditation is awarded on consistent, company-wide quality assurance – from our internal processes and management to customer engagement and output. The certification process involves a thorough analysis of our business’ internal procedures by an accredited 3rd party auditor. Reach Robotics was required to prove our quality assurance in installation, production and service provision.

The seven primary Quality Management Principles as outlined by ISO include:

1.     Customer Focus – Consistently meeting customer requirements and exceeding their expectations.

2.     Leadership – Creating a unity of purpose and an engaged staff environment.

3.     Engagement of People – Competent, empowered and engaged staff through all levels of our business.  

4.     Process Approach – Consistency is achieved through standardised processes that are repeatable, efficient and effective.

5.     Improvement – An ongoing focus on improvement throughout the business.  

6.     Evidence-based Decision Making – Basing decisions on an evaluation of data, alternate options and evidence available.

7.     Relationship management – Maintaining good relationships with clients, partners, and suppliers.

For a more thorough overview of these principles, and all else involved in receiving ISO9001 accreditation, click here:

We look forward to continually growing our business and customer base in the coming year while maintaining our proven high standard of service, support and company culture. Read more about Reach Robotics here.

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