BIA5 is an Australian Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) manufacturer specialising in robotic systems for emergency first responders, law enforcement and defence industries. In partnership with Deakin University’s, Institute for Intelligent Systems Research and Innovation (IISRI), BIA5 has been instrumental in introducing robotics to Australian policing for tactical operations. Their advanced technology is built to support land-based security in hazardous environments by reducing the risk to first responders and field workers.

Recently, Reach Robotics has been collaborating with BIA5 to develop the first sovereign, UGV-mounted advanced intervention system. Our rugged dexterous manipulators and control technology has been successfully combined with BIA5’s All Terrain Robots (ATR). Plans are also underway for integration onto the Vulcan UGV which is currently in development. While Reach Robotics continues to excel in subsea and maritime industries, our collaboration with BIA5 is an exciting expansion towards developing robotic intervention and perception systems for land and air domains, designing technology that is environment agnostic.

Manipulator arms on Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) UGV robots are not new, but the technology currently in service worldwide is significantly dated and has not progressed to adopt the degree of dexterity and intuitive control that is now possible. The integration of Reach Robotics manipulator technology revolutionises the accuracy and intuition of control. This results in reduced training timelines, improved mission success, and unlocks tasks that would be impossible with traditional UGV systems. It’s a new era for remote operation in bio-hazardous environments, mines, fire rescue, explosive ordinance disposal scenarios and more.

The powerful integration was exhibited at the Land Forces ‘International Land Defence Exposition in Brisbane from 1-3 June, together with BIA5.

Intended applications of the ATR and Vulcan integration with Reach Robotics intervention systems are:

· Counter Improvised Explosive Device (C-IED)

· Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)

· Hazardous Environment Inspection

· Special Recovery and Emergency Rescue

· Locating Targets and Tactical Response

· Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defence (CBRN)

Bravo Vulcan
Reach Bravo manipulators with BIA5 Vulcan UGV
Demo of Bravo Vulcan
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Command Pods

Command Pods are a pair of space mouse controllers comprising of left and right units. They are designed to attach to an ROV control tablet and allow full system control from one interface. The Command Pod configuration simplifies control of a dual-manipulator system as operators are able to intuitively control both arms, while still piloting the vehicle.
The joystick model allows for arms to be directed towards a target while the system automatically maps the arms configuration along that path.


Compatible with all Reach Robotics manipulators, the Master Arm controller is available in five and seven-function models to mimic your robotic arm. Achieve unparalleled precision and accuracy while undertaking complex tasks including:
  • Precise placement of probes for crack and corrosion monitoring.
  • Place and recover objects with unmatched dexterity and minimised
  • Attach hooks and shackles consistently.
  • Reach confined areas unreachable with lower degree-of-freedom manipulators
    and traditional control methods.