Continuous improvement is a core value of the team at Reach Robotics. Since we released the Reach Bravo in 2020, we have continued to make engineering breakthroughs and innovate to improve the design of the system. In December 2021, we are proud to announce the formal release of the Reach Bravo Mk2, available for all orders shipping in 2022.

Key improvements of the Reach Bravo Mk2 design include:

Continuous rotation in all inline joints

We’ve added slip-rings after a rigorous verification campaign. This enables full continuous rotation in the base, elbow, and wrist joint. No more dead zones.

Increased 450m depth rating

We are always conservative with our depth rating. We’ve made structural improvements to the housing and sealing to enable a confident 450m depth rating. Watch this space for further increases in the future.

High strength linear actuator (up to 10kN)

We’ve overhauled the linear stage of the Reach Bravo (the drive system for the jaws) to enable a far higher push/closing force, with no compromise to jaw closing speed.

Higher joint speed

We’ve improved actuator control system architecture in hardware and software to enable a nominal (and tuneable) 60°/s* joint speed enabling more responsive real-time or programmed control.

*60°/s is available for Bravo 1, 2, 3 fn models only.

Increased Reliability and Easier Maintenance

Reliability is a core necessity for high-end operators in Defence and the Oil and Gas industry and Reach Robotics continuously seeks to make manipulators that can stand the tempo and the harshness of the environments they are used in. Improvements have been made across the board including to joint sealing methodology, power electronics, usability, and corrosion resistance.

These upgrades provide a new level of performance for the Reach Bravo, a best-in-class manipulator for underwater ROV users and a capability multiplier for autonomous systems researchers as well as subsea and land operators.

We continue to innovate and improve our Reach Alpha and Reach Bravo product lines. We invite all our clients and end-users to provide regular feedback, and this has been incredibly valuable as an input to the design and release of Reach Bravo Mk2.

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Reach Bravo Mk2 - Release

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