Boxfish Research is a New Zealand-based ROV and underwater camera manufacturer established by three entrepreneurial engineers seeking to improve the capabilities of portable subsea technology. They specialise in ultra-high definition, underwater vision systems, including a 360° camera and actively stabilised ROV technology which has been verified to depths of 1000m. Boxfish technology facilitates a range of solutions for subsea industries, including Submerged Asset Inspection, Offshore Energy, Defence & Security, Marine Science, Luxury Superyachts, Aquaculture, Police/ Search & Rescue, VR/ AR and Cinematography. 

Recently, Boxfish Research integrated Reach Robotics’s Reach Alpha Grabber onto their portable ROV, which features a 3D vectored thruster layout allowing six degrees of freedom and independent movement in any direction. The Reach Alpha Grabber is a high-strength linear actuator with interchangeable jaws, making it a versatile and compact unit capable of grabbing, cutting and sampling. 

When combined, the Boxfish ROV and Alpha Grabber are a powerful offering for robust and reliable subsea manipulation and intervention tasks, capable of precise, targeted movement, delicate object retrieval and high-force applications. The Boxfish team seamlessly integrated control of the Alpha Grabber into their topside console for intuitive control of vehicles and manipulators from one operating system. After the integration, Boxfish has conducted several successful sea trials and seeks to integrate Reach Robotics’s more dexterous Reach Alpha manipulators in future tests. 

At Reach Robotics, we love collaborating with companies pushing the boundaries in subsea innovation and are proud of our partnership with Boxfish Research. Here’s what they had to say about our collaboration: 

“Blueprint lab offers a great range of grabbers and end effectors to solve various tasks. We have only positive experience working with the Reach Robotics team, starting from technical support through to the grabber’s integration and operation, and we are looking forward to integrating and offering more advanced manipulators in the nearest future!” 

The combined force of Boxfish’s subsea vision systems and agile ROV with Reach Robotics’s tough, dexterous manipulator technology offers a highly capable solution for underwater exploration and operation in harsh environments. 

See here to find out more about Reach Robotics Grabbers.

Reach Alpha Grabber integrated on Boxfish ROV during sea trials

Reach Alpha Grabber integrated on Boxfish ROV during sea trials

Intuitive topside control interface

The intuitive topside control interface

boxfish under action

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