We understand the need for low level API access and detailed information. Our electric, lightweight manipulators are smart and customisable for your underwater autonomous systems project.

Autonomous Systems


  • Track record with existing customers all over the world
  • Force/Torque sensor options available
  • Implement custom low-level control with the Reach Robotics Communication Protocol (API)
  • Kinematic and Hydrodynamic Properties available for advanced simulation
  • 3D Models, URDF and ROS packages for quick implementation
  • High level of system modification available (control loop gains and readings, kinematic settings etc)
  • ROS Node now available for rapid integration – visit our GitHub page
Discover our case studies with robotic labs and researchers around the world.


Software Developers Kit (SDK)
Software Developers Kit & API
ROS available
ROS Packages
In-built Kinematics
In-built Kinematics
Field Tested & Proven


ROS2, SDK and ICD, 3D Models (STEP), URDF


The pace of development in autonomous underwater systems has accelerated in the last decade. We’re helping the world’s leading robotics labs and universities push their autonomous systems research from theory and simulation to real world application. We provide low-level control and the tools required to ensure your custom solution is a success.

  • Autonomous Inspection and Intervention.
  • Collaborative Robotics.
  • Multi-vehicle cooperative transportation and construction.
  • Task planning and control panel intervention.
  • Object identification and manipulation.
  • Manipulator task automation.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) applications.

Have a specific application in mind? Get in touch to find out how we can help.

Reach Bravo manipulators being tested by INESC TEC for offshore windfarm operation & maintenance.

Autonomous Systems Research READY

Tough and Reliable

Compatible with industry-standard NDT sensor technology

Versatile End-Effectors for Multiple Missions

Fully Submersible Micro IP Camera for Close Inspection

“In our search for the perfect subsystems (robotic arms and underwater vehicles), we came across the Alpha 5 arm that has all the characteristics we were looking for: it is small, lightweight and electrically actuated. The Alpha 5 is integrated with ROS and this is an enormous bonus for us, as we can easily integrate it with the other subsystems in the UVMS configuration. The Reach Robotics team responded to all our questions, they delivered the system without any delays, and they continue to support and answer all our needs after the system has been delivered.”

Corina Barbalata, Assistant Professor, Louisiana State University

Our CLIENTS in Autonomous Systems Research

Versatile and Effective

Reach X

Adaptive remote intervention for critical forces
The Reach X manipulator series is designed for mission-critical remote intervention. With best-in-class performance, this versatile system enables operators to cut, grab, recover & disarm using portable ROVs.
Strong Lightweight Compact
6kg+ Lift 1.6kg Water 50mm ⌀

Reach bravo

Strong and dexterous for complex intervention

Our most rugged electric manipulator, the Reach Bravo is changing the way remote operations are conducted by inspection and intervention class vehicles. Ideal for inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR).

Strong Lightweight Compact
10kg+ Lift 4.5kg Water 80mm ⌀

Reach alpha

Lightweight and smart for advanced manipulation

The world’s most lightweight, all-electric manipulator for portable ROVs, offering a complete solution for close inspection and intervention in confined or complex spaces.

Strong Lightweight Compact
2kg+ Lift 900g Water 40mm ⌀


Versatile and Effective

Reach Bravo
for larger platforms

Reach Alpha
for smaller platforms



Our manipulator arms and robotic systems enable complex inspection and intervention in mission-critical industries and harsh environments. Discover the domains we operate in:

object retrieval
Special Recovery
offshore energy
Offshore Energy
Naval forces
Naval Forces
Ocean Science
Ocean Science
Commercial Diving
Commercial Diving
robotics research
Robotics Research
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Command Pods

Command Pods are a pair of space mouse controllers comprising of left and right units. They are designed to attach to an ROV control tablet and allow full system control from one interface. The Command Pod configuration simplifies control of a dual-manipulator system as operators are able to intuitively control both arms, while still piloting the vehicle.
The joystick model allows for arms to be directed towards a target while the system automatically maps the arms configuration along that path.


Compatible with all Reach Robotics manipulators, the Master Arm controller is available in five and seven-function models to mimic your robotic arm. Achieve unparalleled precision and accuracy while undertaking complex tasks including:
  • Precise placement of probes for crack and corrosion monitoring.
  • Place and recover objects with unmatched dexterity and minimised
  • Attach hooks and shackles consistently.
  • Reach confined areas unreachable with lower degree-of-freedom manipulators
    and traditional control methods.