Underwater ROV Light

The Reach Light is a tough and reliable underwater light, designed for ROV manufacturers and operators who are tired of leaking lights. Configurable control, temperature monitoring, and high luminosity in a tiny package. Perfect to fit out an entire ROV or just to add additional spotlight illumination.

Leak-proof Underwater Illumination

  • RS485 and PWM controllable.
  • Over-temperature shutoff for out-of-water protection.
  • Cable overmolding for increased reliability.
  • Standard GoPro mount included.
  • Very light weight and compact design.
  • 500MSW Depth Rating.
  • 1 Year Replacement Warranty.

Learn How Topaz Subsea uses ROV lights to illuminate subsea work

Four Subsea Lights on the Oceanbotics srv-8 ROV. C/o Topaz Subsea


We kept hearing about issues with available underwater LED lights, particularly in relation to leaks and interface. We developed the Reach Light to provide higher-end clients a reliable solution for their underwater ROVs. Our priorities were strain relief on the cable/light interface, improved pressure tolerant housings, over-temperature protection, and accommodating for serial (RS485) or PWM signal sources. Primarily aimed at vehicle manufacturers, we also provide to vehicle operators who need to upgrade their current illumination status.



  • Lumens: 1500
  • Beam Angle: 135°
  • Colour Temperature: 6000K
  • Default Mount: GoPro with 2 x M3 bolts (20mm spacing)
  • Supply Voltage: 12-30V
  • Polyurethane Jacket
  • Delivered unterminated for potting into own bottle

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The ROV light is ideal for fitting out an ROV with adequate front-facing illumination. Additionally, the light can be paired with our auxiliary underwater ROV cameras for rear, side, or oblique camera angles.

The standard depth rating is 500m. Please enquire if you have deeper requirements.

No, these are designed solely for subsea use. Contact us if you have above-water requirements.
No, the light comes with the required integrated cable (unterminated at the vehicle end) and mounting lug.
Yes, we provide a full one-year manufacturers warranty on all products.

Our ROV light comes with a standard GoPro-style mount which can be secured to a surface with 2x M3 bolts with a 20mm spacing. Alternatively, you may choose instead to make a custom mount or utilize any Go-Pro-Style mount, with the camera being secured to the mount with an M5 bolt.

Reach Robotics ROV lights are made from Aluminum 6061. The most commonly used and among the most versatile aluminum alloy renowned for its strength, workability, corrosion resistance. 

The maximum brightness output is 1500 Lumens.

Maximum lumen output is achievable provided that the ROV Light has sufficient cooling to dissipate generated heat from the operation. The ROV light is designed for subsea applications; therefore, the brightness level will reduce as the light temperature rises to reduce the operating temperature. However, this is not a problem when submerged.

Brightness is fully adjustable from 0% to 100% of the maximum Lumen output above. Therefore, the minimum brightness output is 0.

The ROV light uses onboard ROV power: 12V-30V supply voltage/maximum 1.2A required per light when operating at maximum brightness.

The coverage of the ROV Light is a wide beam angle of 135°.

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