ROV Grippers & Grabbers

A high clamping force and strong load rating make these units the lightweight subsea grabbers of choice for portable ROVs operating at a high tempo in tough environments. They are the best solution for operators conducting special recovery operations, salvage, intervention and everyday retrieval tasks up to 300m (Alpha) or 450m depth (Bravo).



Grab with Confidence

Optimised for rough use in harsh conditions, Reach Robotics’s high-performance ROV grippers are designed for mission critical industries including offshore energy, military, and first responders. A comprehensive tool set multiplies the capability of the grabber with a cutter, and variety of retrieval jaw types. Features include:

  • Built for harsh environments – 300-450m Depth Rating
  • Corrosion and scratch-resistant anodized aluminium
  • Adjustable grab force – pick up a sea urchin or cut a cable
  • Active Compliance – enables safe lifting of unbalanced, heavy objects and optimises the stability of the ROV
  • Quick change End-Effector (Options: Standard, Quad Jaws, Parallel Jaws, Rope Cutter)
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Undervoltage/overvoltage protection


extra reach in compact spaces

Maximise your intervention capability with the Alpha grabber extension tube which increases full-reach by 23cm (40mm OD). This grabber accessory was designed following direct feedback from our customers to assist them with extra reach in compact spaces. Note the tube is sold separately to enhance your underwater grabber solution. 

Bravo cutter for grabbers

See the Bravo CUTTER TOOL in action

The Bravo Cutter is the most effective electrically actuated cutter for inspection-class ROVs. Suitable for all Reach Bravo systems including grabbers and manipulators, this advanced tool is essential for critical missions requiring force and precision, particularly in defence and maritime industries.


Alpha Grabber for Search and Recovery

A Reach Alpha Rotating Grabber (RA-2130) is used during a search and rescue test conducted by the Hutterian Emergency Aquatic Response Team (HEART). Watch as the grabber enables complex underwater recovery during the simulated emergency scenario.


Tough and Reliable

These tooling options enable operators to quickly configure their ROV grabber or manipulator arm for the required task. A rapid swap-out procedure ensures interchangeability on the go.

Reach Alpha

Reach Bravo

“Our experience with the Reach Robotics Alpha Reach Grabber has only been positive so far. The simple controls kept the implementation time into ROS and our system to a minimum. Furthermore, we have experienced the reliability and robustness of the grabber multiple times in real-world applications and it never let us down. We strongly recommend the grabber for any underwater applications, even in cooperation with divers.”

Andrej Studer
Robotics Engineer at Tethys Robotics


Integration Made Easy

For customers looking for simple ROV integration, we highly recommend adding the Alpha or Bravo mounting kit to your order. We’ve designed these interfaces with a screw collar for easy deployment and storage of our underwater robotic grabbers.

Reach Alpha


Reach Bravo



ROV grippers are used to attach hooks and lines, to retrieve objects, to cut ropes and cables, to grab onto objects for station keeping, to pick-and-place, and much more. 
We offer a standard 1-year warranty on our high-performance grippers and have additional support available.

Yes, we can help you understand how to integrate our systems with your ROV.

It depends on the day of the week. Take a look at our comprehensive post you need to know about Grabber

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Alpha Grabber

This Grabber is a high strength linear actuator attached to jaws. This device turns into a highly capable grabber, cutter or sampler. Accurate position and force control allows for the manipulation of delicate objects
Key Specifications

Alpha Rotating Grabber

The dual function grabber combines high strength linear and rotatory actuators. This rotating grabber extends the capability of small unmanned vehicles to manipulate and recover objects in cluttered, complex environments.

NOTE: Image 3 shows RA-2130 with the Alpha Grabber Extension Tube RA-1074.
Key Specifications

Bravo Rotating Grabber

The Bravo Rotating Grabber is a two-function manipulator that opens up new compact inspection and intervention opportunities for service providers, researchers, and other operators.
Key Specifications

Bravo Rotating Cutter

RB-2130 + RB-1042

The Bravo Rotating Cutter is comprised of the Bravo rotating 2-function manipulator with cutter attachment. This configuration is critical to intervention missions requiring force and precision.
Key Specifications

Command Pods

Command Pods are a pair of space mouse controllers comprising of left and right units. They are designed to attach to an ROV control tablet and allow full system control from one interface. The Command Pod configuration simplifies control of a dual-manipulator system as operators are able to intuitively control both arms, while still piloting the vehicle.
The joystick model allows for arms to be directed towards a target while the system automatically maps the arms configuration along that path.


Compatible with all Reach Robotics manipulators, the Master Arm controller is available in five and seven-function models to mimic your robotic arm. Achieve unparalleled precision and accuracy while undertaking complex tasks including:
  • Precise placement of probes for crack and corrosion monitoring.
  • Place and recover objects with unmatched dexterity and minimised
  • Attach hooks and shackles consistently.
  • Reach confined areas unreachable with lower degree-of-freedom manipulators
    and traditional control methods.