Reach X

Robotics multitools for adaptive IMR Intervention

Grab, Inspect, Repair, Recover

Complex Intervention for Portable Platforms

Offshore asset integrity management is essential for energy and research sectors but typically burdened by high operational costs and complex logistics footprints. Reach X is a dexterous manipulation system enabling portable remote intervention for IMR campaigns. Designed to prioritise modularity, versatility and field serviceability, the Reach X is an adaptive robotic multi-tool facilitating NDT for commercial O&M expeditions.
Maximise campaign efficiency & minimise costs with portable platforms.
Get more done with versatile tool-kits for inspection & intervention.
Stay operational longer with modular, field serviceable tooling.

Scalable, Versatile, Reliable

Reach X is distinguished by its power to weight ratio among manipulators in its size-class, packing unparalleled force into a compact form. Dexterous, powerful and portable, the X series is available in modular variants that push the capability envelope for commercial and defense industries.

Complex intervention gallery

Our versatile spectrum of Reach X tooling is purpose designed to meet common task requirements. Discover low-light IP cameras and quick-change end effectors that get the job done – or contact us if you need a particular tooling configuration and see how we can help.


  • Designed for industry leading ROVs and UGVs.
  • High Torque Density – Industry leading lift to weight ratio.
  • Field Serviceable – joints can be replaced in 5 minutes.
  • Modular joint design requiring minimal spares.
  • Multiple Control Options – Master Arm, Command Pods, Gamepad, Reach Control, API.

Reach Control


3D HMI software with live environmental feedback

Command Pods


Integrated full-system control of arms & ROV

Master Arm


1-1 joint matching for intuitive operation

Advanced Intervention System

Adaptive Remote Intervention for Frontline Critical Forces

Modern subsea warfare is increasingly high-risk, placing clearance divers and operators in unpredictable and threatening situations. Reach X is an advanced robotic manipulation system, designed for mission-critical remote intervention. With best-in-class performance, this versatile system enables operators to cut, grab, recover and disarm using existing portable ROVs. Developed in collaboration with US and AUS DoD, Reach X redefines the scope of remote operations.
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