Achieve high precision pointing accuracy with our range of software controlled rotators and pan-tilt units.

Reach Robotics Alpha Bend (RA-1400) unit configured with a Blueprint Subsea Oculus Sonar. Images c/o Nippon Kaiyo


With high accuracy (0.1°) joint positioning and our master/slave topside controller, the Alpha and Bravo ranges of rotators are a must for operators in the new era of close inspection work and complex intervention. Features include:

  • Built for harsh environments – 300m Depth Rating
  • Corrosion and scratch resistant anodized aluminium
  • Active Compliance – enables safe lifting of unbalanced, heavy objects and optimises stability of the ROV
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Undervoltage/overvoltage protection.


Reach System underwater rotators are lightweight, tough, and proven on numerous subsea platforms operating in the field. They are suitable for cameras, sonars, and vectoring thrusters. Alpha and Bravo actuators feature active joint compliance which provides self-protection against impact. Other features include:

  • 0.1° position measurement.
  • Accurate position or velocity control.
  • 300m depth rating.


Integration Made Easy

For customers looking for simple ROV integration, we highly recommend adding the Alpha or Bravo mounting kit to your order. We’ve designed these interfaces with a screw collar for easy deployment and storage of our underwater robotic grabbers.

Reach Alpha


Reach Bravo

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Alpha Inline Rotate

A miniature, inline rotational actuator capable of continuous rotation. This unit can be used for a variety of tasks including sonar/video scanning or vectoring thrustors.
Key Specifications

Alpha Bend

A high-torque variant of the 90˚ rotary actuator, the Alpha Bend is capable of 10Nm output torque. It can be used for a variety of tasks including rotating winches, panning cameras and probes, or operating valves.
Key Specifications

Alpha Pan Tilt

A high-torque tilt variant of the pan-tilt actuator capable of 10Nm output torque at the tilt stage. This unit can be used for a variety of tasks including rotating winches, operating cameras and probes, or operating valves.
Key Specifications

Bravo Inline Rotate

A 360° continuous rotate actuator, offering high precision programmable set-points and optional ethernet, serial, and PWR pass through. Compact and versatile; perfect for payload pointing or winch activities.
Key Specifications


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