Underwater ROV Products

Advanced manipulator technology, versatile tooling options, and intuitive vision and control systems - Reach Robotics products are effective and solutions-based for complex intervention and inspection in any environment.

Advanced ROV Manipulators

Reach X

Adaptive remote intervention for critical forces

The Reach X manipulatior series is designed for mission-critical remote intervention. With best-in-class performance, this versatile system enables operators to cut, grab, recover & disarm using portable ROVs.

Strong Lightweight Compact
6kg+ Lift 1.6kg Water 50mm ⌀

Reach bravo

Strong and dexterous for complex intervention

Our most rugged electric manipulator, the Reach Bravo is changing the way remote operations are conducted by inspection and intervention class vehicles. Ideal for inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR).

Strong Lightweight Compact
10kg+ Lift 4.5kg Water 80mm ⌀

Reach alpha

Lightweight and smart for advanced manipulation

The world’s most lightweight, all-electric manipulator for portable ROVs, offering a complete solution for close inspection and intervention in confined or complex spaces.

Strong Lightweight Compact
2kg+ Lift 900g Water 40mm ⌀



Featuring high clamping force and strong load rating, Grabbers in both Alpha and Bravo ranges are portable, lightweight and tough. These units are ideal for basic intervention tasks including Foreign Object Search and Retrieval (FOSAR) activities.

  • Adjustable grab force – pick up a sea urchin or cut a cable
  • High accuracy (0.1°) joint positioning
  • Active compliance enables safe lifting of unbalanced, heavy objects


With high accuracy (0.1°) joint positioning, our range of rotators and pan-tilt units are suitable for cameras, sonars and vectoring thrusters. These actuators feature active joint compliance which provides self-protection against impact and enables safe lifting of unbalanced, heavy objects.

  • Accurate position or velocity control
  • Active compliance enables safe lifting of unbalanced, heavy objects
  • Undervoltage/overvoltage protection



See clearly in low light with our 2MP Micro IP Camera. Available in both Reach Alpha and Reach Bravo configurations, this fully submersible camera opens up capabilities in close visual inspection (CVI) and allows you to stay focussed on manipulator activity, independent of the vehicles onboard camera orientation.



With 1-1 joint matching and master-slave mimicry,  Master Arm controllers are the most intuitive way to manoeuvre your manipulator. Improve task accuracy and efficiency today.

  • Precise placement of probes for crack and corrosion monitoring
  • Place and recover objects with unmatched dexterity and minimised workload
  • Attach hooks and shackles consistently


Powerful software to control and customise your manipulator.  Adjust speed, velocity, grip force, and more to meet your specific task requirements with ease and receive live operational feedback.

  • Kinematic and Global movement control for task accuracy
  • Define position presets for quick stow and deploy
  • Live video feedback with the Micro IP Camera widget
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