Successful Internship in Reach Robotics’s Production Team – Working with Reach Bravo Manipulators

Over the past 6 months, Reach Robotics has run a successful internship program with University of Technology Sydney’s (UTS) Mechatronic Engineering student, Harley McGuiggan. Harley joins us as part of a professional engineering practice program aiming to provide industry relevant experience to Australia’s upcoming engineers.

Over the course of his internship, Harley has been involved in both the continuous improvement of our production space and in-house testing facilities, as well as assisting our Production Team with Reach Bravo assembly.

Harley is commencing his third year of study at UTS and is looking forward to applying his real-world knowledge while continuing his degree. In particular, he hopes his newly acquired knowledge of the functions of a robotic system will give him a head start on his upcoming subjects that focus primarily on robotics.

The project Harley is most proud of is completing at Reach Robotics is the gantry used for our onsite test tank which now makes lifting ROVs in and out of the water a breeze. This has had a positive impact on the day-to-day momentum and efficiencies of our team and testing capabilities. He’s also enjoyed completing a full set of joints soon to be used in a Bravo 7 manipulator.

When asked what he enjoyed most about his internship, Harley said:

“I’ve enjoyed coming into work every day with an awesome team and being able to constantly learn and grow just through watching how they work and asking questions.”

Harley has been a true asset to our team and we’re proud to announce that having now completed his internship, he will be joining us as a casual employee while he finishes his degree. Harley is looking forward to continuing his work with us;

“I’m hoping to progress some more of my technical skills by working in a technologically progressive environment, and being able to see my ideas come into implementation which will allow me to understand mechatronics systems better for my future studies.”

If you’re interested in interning with Reach Robotics or learning more about our past intern projects, visit our Careers Page for information. To be the first to know when we open applications, follow us on linked in where we share regular updates.

Harley getting hands-on experience in the Reach Robotics Production Department

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