BeeX is a deep tech company specialising in hover-capable Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) and Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USV). Founded by a team of engineers from the National University of Singapore (NUS), BeeX reduces costs and risk factors associated with underwater technology by introducing autonomy to subsea applications.

Their work to develop AUVs is of value to subsea intervention industries as it offers greater opportunity at a lower cost. As they describe:

“The self-sufficiency helps reduce reliance on big vessels typically required to support  powerful but complex and bigger ROVs.” It also enables operational concepts previously impossible, to further drive costs down.”

BeeX’s most recent development – the A.IKANBILIS – is their flagship, hover-capable AUV featuring the latest machine-learning technology and is a tremendous first offering to the marine robotics industry. To achieve their goal of the unmanned intervention, BeeX sought out Reach Robotics to integrate the Reach Alpha 5 manipulator onto the new vehicle – a partnership we were thrilled to be part of.

The integration of the Reach Alpha system onto the A.IKANBILIS stands to improve the vehicle’s capability, making it ready to deploy for underwater inspection and intervention tasks. In conjunction with the multi-axis robotic arm, the hover-capable vehicle will enable accurate pick and place tasks, object recovery and efficient probe inspection. Reach Alpha manipulators are lightweight and dexterous with minimal operator training, allowing for safer and more reliable missions at a lower cost to businesses.

At Reach Robotics, we often share common goals with our clients, and our ongoing partnership with BeeX has allowed us to further our vision of enabling fully remote and autonomous operations, keeping humans out of harm’s way.

Here’s how BeeX described their experience with our team:

The SDK updates and software technical support from Reach Robotics has been extremely helpful towards our goal of autonomous intervention. Our high technical requirements are consistently achieved by the Engineering team, and the sales team is also very supportive and prompt.

We’re looking forward to seeing what BeeX develops in the future and how their product offering evolves with the seamless integration of our rov manipulator arm. Watch this space!

For more information on how Reach Robotics technology could advance your novel research and robotics applications, click here:

The BeeX Team and their flagship AUV
The BeeX Team and their AUV

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