On Thursday the 20th of April, Mechanical Engineer Harry Kadi and Software Engineer Yige Cao from Reach Robotics’ Research and Development (R&D) Team attended the ‘Engineers, Careers and Pizza’ event held by Engineers Australia at the Aerial Function Centre, UTS. As the peak body for engineering in Australia, the organisation contains approximately 115,000 individual members.

Reach Robotics Software Engineer Yige Cao and Mechanical Engineer Harry Kadi

Engineers Australia’s mission and vision is to “continue to advance the science and practice of engineering to benefit the community”, closely aligning with Reach Robotics’ mission to create and engineer innovative technology, continuing to extend our robotic arms for harsh environments.

The ‘Engineers, Careers and Pizza’ event provided the opportunity for over 50 senior high school students to ask various questions about work experiences, the pathways to the industry, a day in the life as an engineer, and much more. Our team members spoke with groups of students, moving through 9-10 rotations throughout the night. We were able to highlight the incredible opportunities for students planning on studying engineering, answer questions relating to the future possibilities of engineering, and how pursuing engineering can make a difference to the world.

“The ‘Engineers, Careers and Pizza’ event was a great chance for Reach Robotics’ team members to provide guidance to many different high school students looking to enter the field of engineering. Harry and I provided insight into our own engineering journeys, and what it is like to work on major mechanical and software engineering projects in Reach Robotics.”

– Yige Cao, Software Engineer at Reach Robotics

Being able to provide guidance for young students looking to step foot into the engineering industry in Australia and inspire future engineers at the Engineers Australia event was a brilliant experience.

We aim to offer a fulfilling internship experience for students who would like to advance their engineering careers. Follow us on our socials to keep an eye out on upcoming opportunities.

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Command Pods

Command Pods are a pair of space mouse controllers comprising of left and right units. They are designed to attach to an ROV control tablet and allow full system control from one interface. The Command Pod configuration simplifies control of a dual-manipulator system as operators are able to intuitively control both arms, while still piloting the vehicle.
The joystick model allows for arms to be directed towards a target while the system automatically maps the arms configuration along that path.


Compatible with all Reach Robotics manipulators, the Master Arm controller is available in five and seven-function models to mimic your robotic arm. Achieve unparalleled precision and accuracy while undertaking complex tasks including:
  • Precise placement of probes for crack and corrosion monitoring.
  • Place and recover objects with unmatched dexterity and minimised
  • Attach hooks and shackles consistently.
  • Reach confined areas unreachable with lower degree-of-freedom manipulators
    and traditional control methods.