Reach Bravo Manipulator for Advanced Robotics Research

As an innovator in the robotics industry, Reach Robotics is passionate about partnering with local and international universities and institutions to help further advanced robotics research. We are proud to announce a recent delivery to the University of Technology Sydney’s (UTS), Centre for Autonomous Systems (CAS) who specialise in robotics research initiatives for government, industry and community.

The PhD students at CAS have previously used our Reach Alpha 5 manipulator, in conjunction with a Blue Robotics ‘Blue ROV’ vehicle, for remote, underwater autonomous systems research. To further their investigation they recently purchased a Reach Bravo 7 manipulator – a larger, more dexterous offering for robotic inspection and intervention. Equipped with the patented Bravo manipulator technology, they “will be using the arm for underwater manipulator research such as grasping, and pick and place” activities.

The Reach Bravo 7 is ideal for research organisations like UTS CAS as it is designed to enable low-level control algorithms to be implemented by the client using the Custom Control Interface (CCI) and the publicly available ROS packaged developed by Reach Robotics. The on-board Nvidia TX2 provides a growth path for implementing advance sensor integrations on-the-edge.

To deliver the system and assist with initial setup, Reach Robotics paid a visit to CAS to meet with the students and introduce them to their new robotic arm. While there, Reach Robotics’s Technical Sales Lead, James Spinks, assisted the robotics team in a bench test and introduced initial manipulator applications. We also provided a brief induction in using our Reach Control software for control, diagnostic, and to configure obstacle collision avoidance settings.

At Reach Robotics, we are proud to have the opportunity to partner with leading Australian institutions who are striving to improve the real-world application of autonomous systems. We would like to thank Prof Jonghyuk Kim from the UTS Faculty of Engineering for facilitating our visit – in his words:

“CAS has strong expertise in manipulator research, both fundamental and applied areas, and this arm will add a new capability to CAS to solve underwater problems.”

Learn more about why Reach Robotics underwater robotic arms are ideal for research clients here or learn more about our Reach Bravo range here. To find out more about UTS CAS, see here.

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