Six months in, 2021 is shaping up to be an eventful year at Reach Robotics! The second quarter has seen growth of our in-house team to 24, diversifying our product capability for new domains and a strong, continued focus on developing solutions-based technology to serve the industries we support.

Here’s a roundup of Reach Robotics’s highlights from the past 3 months:

Customer and Collaboration Highlights:

➤ We showcased the work that Tethys Robotics are doing with Reach Robotics technology. Tethys are a Zurich based ROV designer affiliated with Switzerland’s Federal Department of Defence. Read the full story

➤ Collaborating with BIA5, an Australian Unmanned Ground Vehicle manufacturer that supplies robotics for police forces and first responders. The successful integration of Reach Robotics’s Reach Bravo manipulators on BIA5’s vehicles marks an exciting expansion towards our products being operational in versatile domains. Discover more here

➤ Norwegian based ROV manufacturer, Blueye Robotics, adopted our robust, high-force Reach Alpha gripper onto their new X3 ROV. Learn more about Reach Robotics Grabbers.

➤ New Zealand based subsea camera and ROV developer, Boxfish Research, completed successful integration of our Reach Alpha, Alpha 5 and Grabber – and got creative while showing off its capabilities – watch their creative demo!

Product Highlights:

➤ We released the high-force Reach Bravo Rotating Cutter. This unit incorporates two state-of-the-art actuators to give precise, high force cutting and grabbing action. It is capable of severing soft-line rope and conduit cable up to 1” diameter. See it in action!

➤ We’ve introduced the Needle Nose Gripper – an expansion of our impressive Reach Alpha end-effector line up. The new tool enables small-scale Foreign object Search and Retrieval (FOSAR) for petrochem, nuclear, and subsea applications in compact, hard to reach spaces and can grip screws down to a M1.6 x 3mm size – watch the demo here!

Company/ Internal Highlights:

➤ We’ve run a 6 month internship program with UTS Mechatronic Engineering student, Harley, who gained professional industry experience with Reach Robotics’s Production team. He describes “waking up every morning excited to come in to work on exciting projects with even better people” as the highlight of his internship. Thanks for your time and hard work Harley!

➤ Our team has grown across Administration, RnD and Production departments – allowing us to increase our capacity, efficiency and in-house expertise. We’re proud of the team we’re growing and the unique talent they bring to our business.

➤ We’ve continued to sponsor the Sydney University Mechatronics Organisation (SUMO) and invited students for a site visit as part of our efforts. Attendees received a tour of our facilities and the chance for some hands-on interaction with our technology! See some more snaps from the night

Top 5 Video Releases:

We’ve pumped out a few great product demo, features and tutorial videos in the last quarter – here’s the top 5:

➤ See how easy it is to swap out Reach Bravo end-effectors for versatile tooling on-the-go!

➤ Watch the Reach Bravo 7 manipulator wield a large hook underwater for inspection and intervention operations.

➤ We showed off the Master Arm controller in greater detail – check out the intuitive master-slave operation.

➤ Our Reach Control software is the ultimate operational system for our manipulators – get a quick insight into some of its amazing features.

➤ Demonstrating the Reach Alpha Inspector capabilities when paired with the Micro IP Camera – a powerful visual inspection combination!

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